Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rain, rain come again

I think I need to move to Seattle. Seriously. I LOVE rain. I am motivated by it. It makes me happy. I am not a big fan of the sun. Sure it comes in handy on days when we want to go swimming but for the most part I want rain. For some reason I am automatically in a good mood when it starts raining. Well except that one time we were going to the zoo and the rain ruined it. But anyways...I truly believe my house would be cleaner all the time if we lived somewhere it rains all the time.

OK...don't you hate it when you have certain shows you watch every morning and then they change up the programs? I used to watch HGTV everyday. Well I haven't in a while so imagine my surprise when I turned it on this morning and my usual shows weren't on. I really wanted to watch "Country Style". I guess that is what I get for neglecting my HGTV for so long. Well I am off to clean!

Edited to add: I am losing my mind. My show did come on. It wasn't time for it this morning when I thought it just wasn't on.LOL. I really am losing brain cells with this pregnancy.

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