Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Brief update

I'm not sure if anyone is still periodically checking my blog but I am giving a VERY brief update. Our baby is getting SO big now. He smiles whenever we play with him and he is just a joy to have. Everything else is going great. When I quit my blog in Sept. I had pretty much him the bottom. I will not go into details but as bad as things were that is how great they are now:) We still don't have our internet back up( personal choice to continue taking a break) but I will try to update a little more frequently. Happy Holidays everyone:)


Sheri said...

I keep you in my bloglines list for updates!
hope everything continues to go beautifully for you!

Shawna said...

Glad to hear the baby is getting so big and that everything is going better for you, I can only imagine how its going to be when we bring our new baby (#3 also) home in May! Probably very overwhelming I'm sure!