Friday, September 28, 2007


Just wanted to post some things that are making me happy right now. Today wasn't fantastic but I didn't let myself sweat the small stuff. That is progress believe me. Had a pretty relaxing day today. Scrapped a little and did some things around the house. All in all it wasn't a bad day. I have been reminding myself that I can choose to enjoy the little moments in the day or stress out about all of them. So here are some things that are making me happy right now. I have actually been scrapping. Normally I struggle with my pages but these are coming out quick and I am very happy with them all.:)

Here are 98 new photos from Snapfish waiting to be scrapped.

RAZZBERRY M&M's. What more can I say?

My purse from Target. On sale for $13.99. It is perfect for me.

My Target Dollar Spot chipboard letters. So much fun to play with.
Nothing else really going on right now. I have been inspired to do a few other crafts. I started on them tonight and if they go well I will post the outcome soon. Wish me luck on that. I am venturing out. Just trying to fill my life with good, happy things. My little man is growing so fast. Yesterday he ate McDonalds chicken nuggets and tonight he ate lemon chicken with us. He is really entering the toddler stage now. It is a blessing that he is so healthy and growing but I am really going to miss my sweet cuddly baby boy. Today had potential to be a crappy day but I just kept pushing forward. If I can learn to do this everyday my life is really going to shape up. Night all.

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Tricia said...

love your LO. Im trying to be more simple and just enjoy the process. For so long i was stressing hoping to be the next scrapbooking guru....truth of it is Im doing it for my kids (Ok for me too...its cheaper then therapy! HA)

my new saying to live by is Enjoy the Process............

good for you for pressing is what we make of it...even when you've got 3 little ones under foot! we can choose to have a crappy day or a great one. FUNNY~ ive had a CRAPPY DAY!


Cool purse!