Friday, November 30, 2007

Past, Present, Future

A few months ago I had a garage sale. I put the travel system, bouncers and our exersaucer in it. The day went pretty slow. People were trying to get me to come down to $5 for the exersaucer. It wasn't going to happen. I was already having a hard time parting with it and I was not about to let it go to someone who wasn't excited about it. So the end of the day comes and it is still there. As we were starting to pack everything up the cutest little couple drove up. They were in their early 20's and the girl was about 6 months pregnant. They were adorable. I came down to $15 for them on the exersaucer and they happily packed it up.

That was us 5 years ago. We had just moved into our first apartment. Had only been married 5 months before I got pregnant and there we were excited about our first baby. It was not hard for me to get rid of the exersaucer when they paid for it. I felt happy. Happy for them that they were starting a family. Happy for us that we had completed our family. I still look back on our first year with happiness. We had no idea how quickly we would become a family of 5 or where life would take us. Same with that couple. The guy even wanted to buy one of my double strollers because they would "probably have more than one in the future". It was adorable. I have no idea who they were. No idea what they named their baby but I felt a connection with them.

She was due in the middle of November which means as I am typing this they are cuddling with their brand new baby. That makes me smile. I hope they get as much excitement and use out of the exersaucer as we did. So we are now moving forward. We are about to be a family with kids. Not babies. Not toddlers but KIDS. It is happening so fast but I am ready. I am excited. I am blessed.


Lorie said...

I too have a hard time parting with thing! I am WAY too sentimental! I am glad you found a good home for it!!!

Micki said...

That transition time is odd isn't it? Hope that it works out and that the kids goodies found a new home.