Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shrek Movie Night

I got this really cute idea from Heather Ann Melzer's blog to have a special movie night for the girls. We borrowed Shrek 3 from my brother-in-law today(he couldn't say no to one of his only 2 nieces) and on the way home I stopped by the store to get mint chocolate chip ice cream and green food coloring. After we ate dinner and gave the girls their bath I made Shrek Swamp Shakes.(Try saying that 3 times in a row.) They loved them and they had a blast. I also picked up some Shrek cookies and they enjoyed a few of those as well.

I want to do more things like this with them. I enjoy making my babies happy. I want them to have a childhood they can look back on and remember how great it was. In case you are wondering those are the same pj's from just the other night. They love them so much they make me wash them everyday so they can wear them to bed pretty much every night. Now back to movie night. I keep trying to think of more things like this I can do.

Any ideas? I would love hearing from you all. By the way. If you haven't seen Shrek 3 yet you have to go get it right NOW. I laughed so hard my girls kept looking at me like I was crazy.
Can't wait to read your ideas. I would like to do something like this with them at least once a week.


Mere said...

That sounded like sooo much FUN!! You could do like Rudolph one night before christmas and a christmas craft.....just one idea! Love ya, Mere

Toni said...

Ape.. you are a wonderful mother and reassured your children will remember all the fun things and and all the love you give them :)

Thew milkshakes look yummy! I love that movie, it was funny!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

When my kids were smaller we used to play card games and board games with them all the they aren't home very much but hubby and I just had a discussion to turn one nite a week (probably Sunday) into game nite again so we can spend some fun time with each other.

The movie nite sounded great....lots of fun!

Lorie said...

Cute idea. Too bad I didnt see this before we wathced that movie. Maybe we need to rent it again just to make the shakes! lol.