Saturday, December 15, 2007


I have something that I want to post about but it is going to end up being pretty long so I will wait a few days to post my thoughts. But I did want to share one thing.

Like most woman I have had a purse fetish since I could walk. I have owned probably over 100 purses so far in my life. Well...once I had kids that fetish sorta carried over to diaper bags. I am a sucker for a cute diaper bag. I usually buy 3-4 new ones a year and with having babies in the house for 4 years...well you do the math. I decided the other day that I wanted and NEEDED a new one. The baby is the only one in diapers now but when I take the girls to the park I need something big enough to hold snacks, drinks, sunscreen,etc. So I wanted something that looked really sleek and not like a BABY bag.

I found it in the most unexpected place of all. WALMART!! I was picking up diapers and some other household items yesterday when I strolled down the diaper bag isle. I found one I loved and then searched for the price. Beneath it was a markdown sign that said $14.97. I was super excited but didn't believe it. I found a price checker and scanned it. It wasn't $14.97 it was $9.97!! You can imagine my excitement. It even came with a cell phone holder, make-up bag and several other items. So now I have a diaper bag that does not look like a diaper bag that I can use for all of my kids necessities when out and about.

Well I need to cook something to feed these kids calling me mom. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Toni said...

wow, you got a bargain! :) Cute bag!

Tiffany said...

ohh awesome!!! gotta love those deals there! That is so cute too!

Staci said...

I love that bag! TFS.

*Southern Beall* said...

Girl, I totally understand that fetish! I have so many purses & bags, it's insane! Now, bring on the diaper bags! They are so much cuter these days then when Ryker was a baby! Yay for me! Boo for my wallet! lol