Friday, January 11, 2008

My Big Girl

A few months ago Makayla had told me she wanted her ears pierced. I held her off for a long time. This morning she told me she really wanted them done. That she wasn't afraid anymore and was ready. Then Macie started in that she wanted them done. So after much discussion with pretty much every member of our family hubby and I decided they could. So I made an appt. at Libby Lu for both of them to get them done and off we went to the mall. The girls at the mall on the way to Libby Lu.

When we got there Macie decided she did not want to go first. So Makayla hoped into the chair anxiously.
About 10 seconds after they were pierced she started bawling her little eyes out. Needless to say Macie changed her mind after that which was fine. We went to the food court and got Happy Meals. She finally calmed down and let me take a pic of her new sparkly earrings.
Both the girls in a small boat ride right before we left the mall.

It was a very interesting day. After we were done eating we went to Claire's to let Makayla pick out another pair of earrings to wear in 6 weeks. It ended up that both of the girls took some stuff out of the store and when I realized I turned them both around back into the store and made them give everything back and apologize. The cashier told them ok but not to steal again and if they did they would call the police. By then they were both crying and I just explained to them yet again why they canNOT EVER take stuff that they have not paid for. I apologized to the cashier as well but she still looked like she thought I had stolen something. If I had stollen something I would not have come back into the store to return it. So it was definitely an interesting day. Makayla looks adorable though. My baby girl is actually a big kid now. I can't believe it.


Sarah C. said...

Talk about a roller coaster of an event! Wow. Good for you for making the girls take back the stuff. And I'm sorry the cashier gave you a dirty look.

Beka said...

I want to pierce Kaydence's. I think she would be so cute with them. I'm proud of Makayala for getting them done. LOL at Macie for backing out. And kudos to you for making them take them back. Who cares how the cashier acted, you did right and you know it. And your girls know it. YOu set a wonderful example for them and I'm super proud of you for that. KUDOS!!!!

Toni said...

LMAO!!!!!! Ohmygoodness!!! How you not have called me and told about that??? That is so funny, then again, not. But yeah!

Kayla looks cute with her ears pierced. :)

I called around 8:06 pm. I'm sure Chey didn't tell you! Anyway, I called and he said hold on.. he called your name twice.. then got back on the phone and said she went to the store, I forgot!!! LMAO!!!!!

Call me.. if you haven't watched the new Grey's, you need too!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

She looks so calm there waiting to get her ears pierced! She looks so grown up with them pierced too!

My 15 year old just got hers pierced for the first time this last summer because she had been to scared to do it before.

*Southern Beall* said...

YAY! She is a big girl!! Something I have been thinkin about in case this baby is a girl (and I feel like it is). And what a crazy story! lol

Mimi's Toes said...

They are adorable girls. She seems to be at the age where she will take care of her ears and that is when I think you should let them. Brings back memories of my little girl, who is now 31. Cherish your time with them cause you turn around and they are getting married and having babies...