Sunday, January 06, 2008

Peek-a-boo and the Flu

This kid always makes me smile. He brings so much fun and joy to our lives. I kept playing peek-a-boo with him and I finally caught a pic with his blanket over his head. He was FAST so the rest of the pics just came out a blur.

In other news I might have accidentally given my husband food poisoning. We actually think it is the flu but either way it doesn't matter. I have had to take care of him today along with the kids and he had to call into work. So things have been interesting around here. I have had to keep the kids away from him even though they have had their flu shots. I am not taking any chances. It is definitely going to be an interesting couple of days.


jp said...

What a sweet and fun photo! Too cute. :-)

Hope DH is better soon! It is the season for flu stuff. YUCK!

Rachael said...

What a fun pic!!

Hope your DH is better soon!

Darcey said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Sarah C. said...

Adorable photo. :) Sorry to hear your DH is sick. Hope he's better very soon!

*Southern Beall* said...

Cutie pic!!
Hope the hubsters gets to feeling better.

Toni said...

You gave chey food poisining on purpose, I know your plan! lol...i hope he gets better soon!

That concludes all your kids with their lows on their head!