Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shopping, 24 hours of freedom and a MAJOR overhaul

Yesterday I took the baby with me to get a few things from Wal-Mart. He was so good the entire time we were in the store. He just sat and took it all in. He really needed to get out for a while since we have pretty much been staying at home these last few weeks.

This morning my mom and aunt came to get the girls for the day and the night. The girls could not wait to go so they put on their backpacks and made sure they were ready to go on time this morning. So cute.

The whole purpose of them going for the night was A: to give me some time to regain my sanity and B: to do a MAJOR decluttering overhaul. I mean MAJOR. My entire day is pretty much planned out to deal with the problem areas of our home once and for all. I have already started in the living room(below). These are all toys that need to go back to their correct bins as soon as the baby wakes up from his nap.(The bins are in their room.) This is just about 5% of what I have to conquer today.

I want to get this stuff all finished by tonight because I have these babies waiting for me. Aren't they cute? I cannot wait till I get to play. Since the girls are coming back later tomorrow afternoon I would love to be able to scrap all day long tomorrow before I get back my dynamic duo.

If I am lucky I will be done by 10:00 tonight. I am tackling our closet as well since I literally have to climb to get to my clothes. I am not kidding. I fell in yesterday and couldn't get out. Hubby has threatened to leave me several times due to the state of our closet. Hehe. So yes...I have taken on WAY more than I can handle today but I am up for the challenge. Wish me luck. If I never return to blog land please send a search party to look for me in our closet.


*Southern Beall* said...

Good luck lady!!
Try to enjoy the time even though you are cleaning & all, enjoy it. =) Have fun scrapbooking!

Toni said...

You know if I was there, I would gladly help you! The object of cleaning your closet is so that it can STAY clean.. don't forget! lol

I am wanting to scrap soo bad too! Have fun!

Nicole said...

Hop you got as much done as you were hoping!!

You have more power than I do - LOL I sit and stare at a pile of laundry while sitting on here and checkin' out blogs LOL

Mere said...

You've been tagged. Love, Mere <3

Sarah C. said...

Just keep dangling those cute stamps in front of you for inspiration! You can do it! :) I have the task of cleaning mine when I get home this afternoon. Dreading it, but looking forward to a much tidier home.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Sounds like alot of work!!!

TD said...

Have fun scraping!