Sunday, January 20, 2008

This is US

This is what happens when I try to get 3 kids to sit still together on the couch so I can get a quick picture since I am starting to get pretty bored with staying home. And don't you just love the coordinating blue camo with the teal and pink?

But this is us. Loud, colorful and always going. It is beyond cold outside and I am really starting to go crazy staying home. Yesterday I ran to Wendy's and picked up some lunch for us all but I am used to going to the store(Wal-Mart, Target or grocery store) everyday. Since it is so cold I think I will continue to stay home at least for another day or so. I just don't feel like braving the cold. The kids have been coloring, playing and watching movies these last few days. Today I think I am going to let them draw and color for a while before we take a nap. It is perfect napping weather. There's nothing quite like crawling into a nice warm bed and covering up with your favorite blankie or comforter.

Hope everyone is staying warm and having a great weekend!


Toni said...

It's not that cold out today. If the park wasn't wet and muddy, I would be at the park with Alyssa right now.

We have been waiting for the cold.. we should enjoy it! :)

*Southern Beall* said...

I do love days where we get to stay in because of the cold but I understand the stir crazy. I get that way often. lol And I cant wait to see what its going to be like when I add another lil one for pic time. I already have to chase Ryker down. He never ever wants a pic taken. Hope the rest of your weekend is fun!

Sarah C. said...

I would love to just stay in and hibernate with this cold weather! We got out for church & the gym today. Tomorrow I'm working. Bummer. Hope things warm up for all of us! :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Trying to stay warm! We snuggled up and watched movies on Sat. evening!