Thursday, February 21, 2008

Inspiration and Clarity

Over the past week I have done a lot of thinking about life in general. I have come up with several conclusions that are more than likely going to be life altering for my family and I.

The first one is that even though hubby and I are religious we do not let God lead us as often as we should. I realized that when we were faced with a difficult situation this week financially and hubby told me that we needed to trust in God and that it would all somehow be ok. You know what? It was. Some opportunities opened up for us and saved us.

The second one is that we have way too much stuff. While I was cheating on my break this week I was directed to a new blog. I am now addited. Go check out Walk Slowly, Live Wildly if you have a chance. I have been cruising through her blog and checking out mostly the archives from her apartment( which seriously has me drooling even at less than 400 sq. ft. of space). There are some things I do not share the same views on as her but that is what makes the world go round and she really has an interesting view on a lot of things. Anyways.... I realized that all of this excess stuff clutters our lives.

I must admit that I am the worst person when it comes to keeping stuff because you feel obligated. I have finally let go of that and I am now pressing forward. The first night I went through our kitchen and downsized my pots, pans and other kitchen items by 50%. That felt great. I had no need for 4 skillets so now I have a small one and a large one only. Right now my dining room table is covered in boxes ready for our next garage sale hopefully in a few weeks. I am even considering getting rid of one of our couches and bringing the kids rocking chair into the living room instead. The only problem is that hubby and I can't agree on which one to get rid of. We will figure it out soon but I am getting serious this time around with the decluttering. I already feel lighter. Like a HUGE burden has been lifted. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever had this much motivation to get our lives and home in order.

Still don't have camera batteries but hopefully soon. I am going crazy without my camera. I have 2 hours before my mom brings the girls back from her house which means I need to get moving and try to finish up the living room. Hope everyone is having a great week.:)


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I think everyone has way too much "stuff"! Imagine life 100 years ago...they would think we are crazy today!

*Southern Beall* said...

Oh girl! I did that whole decluttering thing this weekend. I, no joke, got rid of over 15 garbage bags of stuff. Stuff I promise we will never ever miss. I too had a HUGE problem with letting anything go. I would feel bad or I might need it one day & so on. Over the last year I have become so much more free & it's the best feeling. Im working on a blog right now & one of the bullets on it was along these lines. =) Good luck with this journey. Oh yeah I too am learning to have a lil more faith in God. Something I am scared to death to do.

Toni said...

Yes, God will ALWAYS be there and we should ALWAYS trust in Him, through good times and bad:)

Whichever couch you need to get rid of, can come to me! lol :)

Wow, only 2 pans?? Good for you! I am so proud of you! Keep on going with the cleaning!

Ariana said...

I love the living simply lifestyle. I got really into blogs and articles like that last fall.

I love the blog you posted, I've already spent a bit of time reading it :)

Shawna said...

Oh I so need to get motivated on the decluttering myself! And that blog you linked to was very interesting! I can't believe how small their apartment is, but it is very cute & so functional!

Beka said...

You are so right about everything, I can't wait to get rid of more stuff. If only I could convince my hubby that we don't need it. Keep up the great work.

Lara said...

Yes. I am really working on getting the decluttering going. First I have to declutter my time, it seems. But I have made some headway and it really does feel very good.

It's hard to give up that sense of obligation to keep things around.