Friday, February 01, 2008

Organizing and Family Time

Before I had kids I never realized how quickly toys can accumulate. Now I know. I spent a few hours in my kids room cleaning and organizing. WOW!! I had no idea how much stuff would be given or thrown away. It feels good now. The toys that are left are ones I know they will continue to get use out of. They all have bins or designated places and everything is organized.

I even tackled their closet. Every parent knows how quickly kids outgrow clothes. Well I wanted to get to a point in their closet where if I had to grab clothes for my children quickly the only things left to grab would be clothes that currently fit them and are not stained,etc. So that is what I did. It took a while but I finally thinned out all of it. I even tackled the never ending pile of night shirts and pj's. Now we know exactly what my kids have and I realize that there is not a single thing that any of them need as far as clothing.

Tomorrow is my second day out for the grocery game. I am really looking forward to it and hoping that I can do even better than last week. I will post my totals tomorrow on my Grocery Game blog.

Tonight we are going to the in-laws for pizza and family time. The girls are super excited. It feels SOOOOOOOO good to know I will be coming home to a clean house and that I can easily get my kids in their pj's and in bed when we get home. I will not have to hunt for their pj's anymore. You gotta love organization.


Shawna said...

We got rid of so much stuff cleaning the girls room yesterday also! I lost track of the number of bags of trash that came out of there! I went through a lot of their clothes (they had way too much!) and still have more to go through once I wash everything that came out from under their beds! I don't think I've ever been so excited to have stuff to take to Goodwill lol!

*Southern Beall* said...

It feel so good to get rid of that stuff you dont need! It's like you can take a deep breath & breath better from here on out. lol Enjoy your family time. And I cant wait to see what you get this time with your GG.

Ariana said...

That looks so nice. I love organizing.
Doesn't it just shock you how many clothes you end up having when they're all organized!

Toni said...

The room looked good when you were done with it. Good luck on keeping it clean with 3 kids in it!