Friday, March 14, 2008

An ear infection and friends

Today I had to take little man to the doctor. He has an ear infection. I decided to take all 3 of the kids over to our friends house after the appt. since she doesn't live that far away. We had a really good time. Here is all 3 of the munchkins in the docs office. It was rather interesting to take all 3 kids there by myself.

Little man was exhausted by the end of the day since he missed his nap. We tried to get him to lay down on their friends bed but he didn't want to sleep. He was too cute sitting there holding his cup and the movie case.

My friend can cook like crazy. She made steaks for us and the kids got chicken nuggets. Here are all 4 of them together. Awwww!! ( Never mind my kids wild hair. They had been playing HARD all day long.)

On the way home all 3 of them fell asleep in the car. I mean they crashed out. By the time we were home Macie woke up right as I was about to get a pic of her sleeping but I did get the other 2. Little man was starting to open his eyes.

I also must say that the drive thru pharmacy is the best invention EVER. Especially when you have 3 very tired, cranky and hot babies in the car. Thank you Walgreens. Tomorrow our settlement check is supposed to be here since they overnighted it. I can't wait. Tonight I have to finish loading my remaining pics to Snapfish so I can place my HUGE order with them. I also hope to have my new camera by the next time I post. I feel like a child on Christmas morning. LOL.
Happy Weekend!!


Ariana said...

I love these pictures. Were your kids good at the Dr?

I love all the kids eating at the little table. And how awesome that your friend made you steak!

Toni said...

AWw Makayla looks so peaceful!

Poor Mason, I hope he feels better soon!!

Shawna said...

Aww hope Mason is feeling better! And it looks like you guys had a busy day! And yay for a new camera! What kind are you getting??

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Poor little man....I hated it when my kids were sick!

TD said...

Ohh i hope he feels better soon!

Sarah C. said...

Cute photos! Hope the little guy is feeling better. :)