Monday, May 26, 2008

30 days!

A month ago it felt like we had an eternity before we moved. Now I am panicking. I have SO much left to do and now we only have 30 days left until moving day. I am still trying to decide what furniture we are keeping and what we are putting in the garage sale. Right now my debate is about our couches.

Our biggest one is starting to slant on the end and hubby does not believe me when I tell him it is going to collapse one day. Our love seat is in great condition. I am thinking about keeping the love seat and then bringing our rocking chair into the living room for extra seating. I also have the idea of getting a cute little small recliner like this blue one to add to the seating for the kids. I am just concerned about getting by without a 3 seater sofa. We don't use it that much really but when we do have company over it comes in handy. It also is handy to have when I am sick and hubby has to save himself by sleeping on the sofa.(That is how he survived last week.) Opinions? Suggestions?

I have purchased several things already for the new place but I am really waiting until we get our tax rebate check after the 6th. Then it is crazy shopping time. I have got to start moving quicker with the packing. I was doing so well and then I lost momentum because it still felt like we had such a long wait. I am so excited. On the 2nd I will hand our current apt. our last money order for rent. You have no idea how good that will feel. So now the final countdown begins!!!!!


Antonia said...

That little chair is awesome!!

Well, like you said, the big couch comes in handy. If it does break one day, Chey will have to suck it up and get something else! lol. I would just keep it until you seriously need a new one.

Shawna said...

That chair is so cute! We are getting rid of our icky couch and keeping the loveseat and then I want to get a new chair at some point too. I say since your moving anyway just get rid of it now, one less thing to move!! Have fun packing!!

Ariana said...

We have a sectional and we've put half of it in our living room and half of it in our family room and it is kind of a pain when company comes over because somebody ends up in camping chairs. lol

If you can get another couch I'd say do it.

We're actually thinking of getting some recliner chairs instead and I think that'd be nice as well. I love that blue one you posted. Fun.

Sarah C. said...

That little chair is so cute! I'm going to agree with getting rid of the 3-seat sofa now. One less thing to move. But wait until you get a bit settled into your new place before buying something new. Then you'll have a better idea if you really need to replace it and, if so, what size will work best. Now get packing! ;) LOL

*Southern Beall* said...

I agree with most: chunk it now before you move!
The chair is so cute! Good luck moving! I love moving to a new place I just hate the moving & packing part of it! lol
If all goes well we are moving this weekend. Oh joy.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How exciting! I hated packing though, what a job!