Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Last week when I was sick money got a little tight. We were a few days short of getting paid and I was too sick to get out of bed much less go to the store. My mom and aunt made several drops of care packages for me. They brought me all different kinds of medicine and even a big carton of Blue Bell ice cream and homemade chicken noodle soup. They brought my kids fruit and some other stuff. Then my mother-in-law and her mom stopped by one day. With them came over $100 in groceries they had just purchased for us. I stumbled out of bed and could not believe the bags hubby was bringing in. We both told them that they should not have done that but they insisted they wanted to. We now have enough food/drinks for almost 2 weeks.

When we went to the museum with my Brother-in-law I put gas in the van but only wanted to put in $40 at the time. He insisted that we fill up completely and covered the rest. It takes a little over $50 to fill up my van. Then he spent $100 at the museum on tickets,lunch and parking. The first week after I went to church I received a $5 Wal-Mart gift card from the pastor thanking me for coming. I have fallen in love with my church. We have started making offerings when we can. I truly believe that it is true that if you pay your tithes God will take care of you. I believe this because of everything mentioned above.

Our family and friends constantly amaze me with their generosity. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such great people. I have a friend who had fallen behind a little on her bills and finally got back up to a safety level. I have put together a care package for her and her son with bath products(shampoo,toothpaste,etc.) and a few other things so she can stay a little more ahead. As good as it feels to receive I think it feels even better to give.

Over the last few weeks I have learned that we all need each others help to get by sometimes. Everyone has off days or even weeks. The key is to return the favor whenever possible and lend your support however you can.

Ok...I am off my soapbox now. Just wanted to post those feelings finally. Have a great week!!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I loved your post today! What generous people you have surrounding you. I also believe that if you help others out when they are in need it will come back to you in some way! I just love hearing stories of it coming true.

Sarah C. said...

What a wonderful post! You're right - sometimes we all need a little helping hand. And sometimes when we have an abundance (or just 1 extra item), we can give that helping hand. As Jesus taught us, when we give to others, we give to him. Thanks for sharing your witness! :)

Antonia said...

I am so happy you love the church!! Yes, God gives back more much in return!

What that the first time for Chey's grandma to see your apartment?

Does this mean you are going to just let me have the bed??? :^

I miss you!! Come see me when you can!

Shawna said...

Great post today! We've been blessed lately with help from both of our parents cause they know things are often tight for us now that I'm a SAHM. My IL's have filled up our car & van for us several times lately just to help out with gas prices being so high. It can cost $50-60 to fill up our van and that is such a huge help to us! And that was so nice that you were able to help out a friend in need with your stockpile! I'm hoping to be able to have a big enough stockpile soon to be able to do that as well!

Mere said...

I guess your amazing sister has had a good impact on you?? I guess she (I) am rubbing off!?! lol. Good job. I am proud of ou :) Love ya sis

Lorie said...

How awesome is that!!?!?!? Such a nice story about people helping others. I love that stuff! makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Awww!

*Southern Beall* said...

Im so glad you are were able to give back! I agree with you, we all need help at times. And it does feel so good to be able to return the favor!