Saturday, June 28, 2008

The proper use of a pillow

Tonight was little mans first night in his big boy bed. It did not go well. Not because he didn't love it but because he decided to climb out several times. We warned him if he got out again he would spend the night in his playpen. He tested that statement and ended up in the playpen.

The other day I bought him his first actual pillow so when he switched to his bed he would get all the new excitement. I let him take it in his playpen tonight and when I checked on him this is what I found. Apparently he doesn't quite understand that you lay your head on TOP of a pillow and not UNDERNEATH. :) He has always tossed and turned at night so I am wondering how he will do when he gets through a night in his new bed. He already fell off once tonight and hit his head on Macie's footboard. I don't know what to do with this kid.


Antonia said...

Aww poor Mason! I hope his head is alright. Cute picture!

Ariana said...

That cracks me up with the pillow, but I'm sorry he hit his head.