Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The worst day EVER!!

So we already have our internet back BUT I am just going to get straight to the chase. This doesn't feel like home and I don't know if it ever will. Last night I went to bed at 2:00 and woke up at 5:00. It was starting off good anyways until.....we got our keys and hubby went into our new apartment first. Long story short it was HORRIBLE. They did not finish it at all. I had to go to the office shaking and crying because hubby was SO mad. They were great and had people over within 5 minutes fixing stuff and they gave us back our pro-rated rent for this month. A lot of people got in big trouble because the manager was furious that they didn't do their jobs. The way it started off was so bad I was shaking. We didn't get everything moved because it stormed later too. I went back to the old apartment tonight to get some stuff and I broke down and cried hysterically on the phone with my mom telling her I just wanted to stay at our home(were we have been the last 3 years). She told me to come over and she gave me some stress pills and stuff. It was an actual nervous breakdown. There are several things about the new apartment I didn't know before we moved in and now because of the serious stuff it feels tainted.

I know that sounds silly to think of it like that but I was already having a hard time emotionally and this just sent me over. I don't like it here. I don't want to be here. I want to go back to our crappy little apartment that still feels like home. Maybe in time I will start to feel good about this one but right now I just can't. Maybe in a few days and as I unpack. Seriously the worst day ever. The good things were my incredibly super sweet friend who helped us move and my BIL kept me laughing throughout the day. Hubby was upset all day long which just added to the chaos.

I am tired. I am going on 3 hours of sleep and a nervous breakdown. Fixing to go to bed now. Please pray that this place gets worked out and that everything is fixed. They fixed 80% of the problems( especially the front door) but I just want to feel good about our new home.


Antonia said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear you had a bad moving day. I am sorry things weren't done and fixed and pretty like they should be.

I do hope in time, after you unpack and decorate things will be better and you will feel 100% at home.

*hugs* Love you!

Ariana said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about your day. That sucks that they dropped the ball on so many things and tainted your move.

I hope they fix the last 20% of things ASAP.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry you had a rough time and that the apartment wasn't ready. Maybe once you unpack and have some of your familiar things around it will start to feel more like home.

linda said...

Hang in there and try to get some sleep.. Sorry that you had a rough day.. Hopefully the management will get the rest of the problems fixed and as you decorate and unpack the place will begin to feel like home..

Sarah C. said...

Big ((HUGS)). I always hate moving day. Wears you out physically & emotionally. No matter how excited you are about a new place, there's a hint of sorrow about what you are leaving behind.

Glad to hear the management was getting things straightened up. Shame they didn't properly see to it that everything was done ahead of time. Hope you were able to get some rest and that things look brighter today.