Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday presents and school clothes

A few days ago I went to Target to get the girls birthday gifts. They are within 2 weeks of each other so this year again we are combining their party. I knew I wanted to get them this so I set out to Target. Imagine my excitement when I pulled it off the shelf and saw that it had been marked down from $29.99 to $14.99!!! I got them some other REALLY cute things that were marked down too. I just love getting such great deals.

Ok...on to the school clothes part. Growing up my mom had a general guideline for my school clothes. The first 2 weeks I did not repeat an outfit. Jeans were ok to repeat as long as they were with a totally different shirt. So I felt the need to have my kids get that many outfits too. So basically at least 10 different outfits. When I told hubby that I planned on spending $300 on school clothes alone this year for Makayla he panicked. That amount was not including school supplies. I kept trying to think of new ways to get a little extra money( our garage sale coming up, Once Upon a Child,etc.) and finally realized that I would probably have to tone that amount down a bit( actually a lot). Well we are absolutely blessed with amazing family.

When my mom and aunt took the girls on Thursday-Friday they decided to take her school clothes shopping! She came back with:
1 skirt
2 pairs of shorts
3 pairs of jeans
6 tops( 2 were the wrong size so they are taking them back to exchange them hopefully)
hair stuff

Makayla was SO excited and so was I. That is SUCH a big amount off of us now. They said they wanted to do it because they love us and wanted to help us out. We are so blessed. I still have a long list of stuff to get her but at least now we can cut our bill almost in half. The stuff they got is AWESOME too! Makayla was so excited because every time we go to the store she sees Hannah Montana stuff and screams with delight and I always keep going past it. My mom is super cool though and let her get one Hannah M. shirt. The first thing she told me when she got home was " Mommy! I got HANNAH MONTANA!!!(Yes she was screaming it.)

I am so excited for her and so scared all at the same time. The first day is going to be so hard on me. I am scared for her. I know that kids have to go through all of this but I just want to keep her home where she is happy and safe. I know she is safe at school too but I can't help but feel this way. I am really going to be praying for strength to get past that first week. I loved Kindergarten so hopefully she will too. She keeps talking about it with such excitement so we are off to a great start.

Have a happy weekend!


Ariana said...

Isn't it so crazy that it's actually happening? Kindergarten! Do you ever look at Makayla and think, "how can my baby be ready for school?!".

That was so sweet of your family to get her some clothes, and it's cool that she got one Hannah Montana shirt, too :)

Maby said...

I need to get on it and go school shopping too! Bryan starts kindergarten in late August! Only a month away!!!

Antonia said...

Yeah, I never thought the kids would ever start school... where did the time go?? We are going to have to be on the phone with each other the whole first week, calming each other down. lol!

I am going to get Alyssa some clothes maybe in like 2 weeks, and I am going to let her pick out her own backpack.

Hannah Montana?? OMG!! lol.. I actually like to watch the show, it is so cute and so good for kids. Where did Makayla learn about H.M.?

You will do just great with her starting school. :)

Shawna said...

That was so sweet of your family to help out with new school clothes! I bet she's really excited for school to start now too!! I know both of my girls are excited to go school shopping too here soon!

Ashley said...
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Beka said...

So, Hanna Montana?? My niece is loving her too!! So sweet of your mom and aunt to hook her up. Can't believe that she is actually starting Kindergarden!!