Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pool party and more

I am giving you all fair warning now that this is a very long post. Lots of typing and lots of pictures. The day started off casually enough. The kids bouncing off the walls with excitement and everything. My brother-in-law called to say that he was coming to the party for the girls and that instead of doing just hot dogs he wanted to grill hamburgers too. So when he came he brought a ton of stuff to grill out and a bunch of new floaties, rafts, etc! One of our friends couldn't come because her kids were sick:( and another because she had to work. So we still had 2 friends coming over plus their uncle so they were as happy as could be.

My aunt and uncle came over earlier in the day and my aunt gave them their gifts because she bought them little pool bags, water bottles with Disney Princess' on them and then she made them the cutest little flip flop towels. She got plain towels from Walmart and then she sewed the flip flops on with her sewing machine. They are SO cute and the boy got one with Disney Cars on it. She is so talented. ( She made the cars one from a shirt she bought. )

The grilling took a while and so as we are waiting the boy started getting really tired and started lying on the floor closing his eyes. When I felt of him I knew right away he had fever. It was almost 102 so hubby stayed upstairs with him while we went to the pool. By now one of my friends had to leave so it ended up being my bestfriend, her daughter and her sister, plus brother-in-law and his girlfriend that came to the pool with us. Then my BIL had to leave so there wasn't that many of us at the pool. The girls still had a blast though. The floaties we ended up with were so much fun. Especially the big lounge one.

When we got home hubby told me that the boy had thrown up. So then we started eating cake and the boy was feeling better. It wasn't long before all the cake came right back up. When my friend put him in the tub he was shaking so bad I thought I was going to have to take him to the ER but thankfully he stopped. At that point his fever was over 102. :( We are keeping a very close eye on him tonight.

But besides my poor boy being sick we had a lot of fun and the girls kept telling me it was so great. They got a ton of new toys and they both ended up with their own camera. I let them take a few pics each tonight and they were so excited. I told Macie that since it is a film camera that she has to take pictures of stuff she really loves and then she told me that she wanted to take a picture of me because she loves me so much and that I am her heart as she put it. I wanted to curl up in ball and cry my eyes out. My lord I love my babies.

Anyways...all in all it was a fun day. It meant so much to the girls and the cake got great reviews. Everyone thought it was so cute. It tasted really good and was easy to make too.

We combined the girls parties because they are less than 2 weeks apart. This is probably our last year doing that but it really worked for us today. So that was our day in a nutshell.

Aerial view of the cake.

The towels my aunt made the girls.

The party area.

A close up.

The presents they ended up with.

At the pool.

My friends daughter Alyssa.

The cake with the candles. Both girls got their own side for candles.

My poor sick boy. He loved the cake though.


Ariana said...

How fun! I think the cake turned out way cute. I like the idea of the two sharing birthdays. My girls love sharing everything so they'd probably think a shared birthday was better than their own. lol

Both the girls look adorable in the pool.

Happy Birthday girls!

Lesley said...

Looks like a fun day!! I'm glad the girls had so much fun!! My kids both have winter birthdays so no pool parties for them.

Awwwwwwww I'm sorry the boy got sick. How is he feeling now?? I hope he is good as new soon!!

Antonia said...

I am so glad they all had a great time! Our kids are soo freakin cute!!! :)

I hope Mason is better now!

Shawna said...

Oh the cake turned out SO cute! Looks like they had a wonderful party! So sorry the lil' man got sick though, hope he's feeling better now!

Maby said...

Looks like the party was a ton of fun! I've also done shared birthdays for my boys this year and last year. Their bdays are only 10 days apart, so it's worked for us. Not sure how long we'll keep doing that though....hopefully for a few more years :)