Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random fever

Monday afternoon we took a nap and when we woke up Macie was burning up with fever. I had to get to the store to buy covers for our ear thermometer and her temp was reading 102. I kept giving her tylenol and she seemed to be doing better. Then at 3:00 a.m I went to check on her. She was SO hot again and this time her temp was 102.4 so we put her in the bath, gave her more tylenol and some juice and I put her in our bed and hubby slept on the couch so I could keep a close eye on her.

Her fever started to break during the night but by morning it was back. So off we went to the doctor. They aren't sure what it is yet. If she is not better by Friday I have to bring her back in for blood work. They took x-rays to make sure it isn't pneumonia and did a strep and urine test. Everything came back great so they think it is just a random virus. We are waiting it out. Right now she is living off of tylenol, juice and popsicles. It makes it so much harder when you don't know what it is making your baby sick. She is still in good spirits though.

When I went to get the thermometer covers I picked up Eclipse.FINALLY! I stayed up until 3:00 a.m reading it and then last night I finished it up in about an hour. It was so great! This series is amazing. I can't wait to read Breaking Dawn when it comes out.

I have a lot of cleaning and stuff to catch up on today. It's not too late to ask me questions for my q&a. I am going to get to it in a couple of days. So far I have only had 2 people(other than real life friends and family) post with a question. So ask away!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Since nobody else is asking away...I will!

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Did you go on to school after high school? If so, for what?

Did you and hubby have a honeymoon? If so,where?

Shawna said...

I hope Macie is feeling better soon! Poor kiddo :(

Eclipse was SO good! I could hardly put it down either, and I already reread from chapter 20 to the end again! I am counting the days til Breaking Dawn now too!

Dawn said...

I hope Macie is feeling better! That is scary to me when you don't know what is wrong.

Ariana said...

Well I'm glad it isn't anything serious. Poor Macie.

I can't wait for the book either!!!

Antonia said...

I hope Macie gets better before the party.

Glad to see you are reading more and doing something to keep busy!

linda said...

Hope that Macie is feeling better soon..

do you like to collect anything??