Wednesday, July 02, 2008

State of mind

I am finding that I no longer complain as much about cooking, cleaning, etc. here. It isn't just a new home it is a new state of mind. I think it is also my determination to not let this home get like the old one. We no longer let the kids have anything to eat or drink in any room other than the kitchen/dining room. Not even water is allowed out. I thought that they would have a hard time adjusting to that but they are all doing really well.

Another big change is that I no longer make separate meals for the kids if I know they will not eat what I am making. If they don't eat they go to bed hungry without a snack. All of them are eating better now. Yes my son is in a diaper and night shirt, he needs another haircut and he is eating hamburger helper and a banana for dinner BUT I cleaned my heart out today, had 3 meals on the table for the kids and plowed through a ton of boxes.

It is so pleasant here. There are no loud neighbors playing music until 3:00a.m. Everything is more relaxed. Yesterday the girls and I baked a cake for my friend who came over to visit. There was more than enough room for all 3 of us in the kitchen and they really enjoyed it. I want to find some new recipes to try and I want to start entertaining friends more often.

Oh and this is the biggie....remember my SEVERE sleep problems? How I could never get to bed before 2 or 3 a.m. because I couldn't relax. Well....this past week I have NEVER slept better. When I lay down that is it. I am out and in the morning I am not as tired. Even if it is late when I crawl into bed. It is relaxing here. You can hear birds and crickets instead of rap music and car exhausts. This place isn't just a home. It is a state of mind.


Mere said...

Pause for a sec...I'm having a flashback of how our parents wouldn't let us have anything in any other room except the kitchen! And the seperate meals thing slowly came into affect too! omg. the memories! I'm glad it's so peaceful for y'all there. This was definately the fresh start you needed :) I would help you out on the recipes, but all of mine are from scratch! If you want them, I'll be glad to share. :)

Love you, Mere

Ariana said...

I'm so happy you're loving your new place!!

It does make a huge difference in your state of mind. I'm glad you guys found this place.

Dawn said...

It sounds like you are adjusting well to the new place! It is so great to have peace & quiet after living by inconsiderate people!!!

Antonia said...

I am happy you are enjoying your new home! Rachel told me the cake was good!

Shawna said...

It's great that y;all are loving the new place! It *almost* makes me want to move too, except I don't wanna pack lol!