Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Target, pajamas and kids

Last week when I went to Target they had a bunch of clearance racks but nothing impressed me. Last night I went to get a calendar( I got tired of not remembering when bills are due) and I checked out the kids sections again. I SCORED!! The girls, boys and toddler sections all came through for me. I picked up:

1. A hot pink lightweight jacket for Makayla-$ 3.74
2. An adorable pair of spaceship pajamas for the boy-$5.54
3. A pair of Batman pajama shorts for the boy-$3.01
4. A pair of Thomas the Tank pajama shorts for the boy-$3.24
5. A white t-shirt for his pj shorts-$ .51
6. A red t-shirt for his pj's-$1.24

Needless to say I left there skipping. Tonight I put the boy's new pj's on and he looked SO adorable in them. They are supposed to glow in the dark but I haven't seen them do it yet. Maybe they need more light before they can glow. I will have to test that.

Today I cleaned and did a ton of laundry. I also had to take down my red star in the kitchen because it isn't small enough to hang on the tile behind the stove so I just had it sitting up there. The other day it fell(for the 50th time) when there was a huge pot of boiling water on one of the burners. If it had knocked it over I would have been scarred for life so I am going to have to find somewhere else to put it unfortunately.

My mom and aunt are taking the girls tomorrow morning and then keeping them overnight! YEAH!! Hopefully I can get some more stuff done and maybe even finish the slideshow of the apt. I need to finish cleaning and picking up the living room. Here are 2 more pics from tonight. The last one is a pretty typical scene around here. The girls love to pick up the boy and carry him. He used to love it and now he doesn't so it gets pretty chaotic around here. So glad I caught a picture of it though.


Antonia said...

Cute pjs! The boy looks so tired in the first pic :)

You can get stuff done OR you can come see your best friend!!! :)

Good shopping last night!!

Dawn said...

Yay for Target! I love the pictures! Enjoy your break while the girls are out visiting!

Ariana said...

You really did score. I went to Target yesterday and picked up some clothes for Payson since he's outgrowing all his 0-3 month stuff. I scored a few things on clearance, too! :)

His pjs are so cute. He looks happy to be wearing them. I love how he's holding his head back so far to drink his sippy :)

Lara said...

Oh how I miss Target! Good for when the clearance rocks! :)

Lesley said...

I love Target's clothes, but being the frugal person that I am... I never by them UNLESS they are on that awesome clearance rack!!! You really got some great bargains, yeaaaaaaa!!! Maybe I should try our Target this weekend??!?!!

Oh, and I just love the way you call your little man "the boy!" It makes me smile every time I read it... for some reason I just think it's cute!!

Shawna said...

Great Target clearance finds! Kyle is in desperate need of summer jammies that actually fit him so I think I'll be hitting up Target tomorrow to see if I can find any good deals!

Sarah C. said...

Ah - that last pic hits home. My sister & I used to love carrying our little brother around. :) You found some awesome deals at Target!