Thursday, August 21, 2008

My weakness

Superman's weakness was Kryptonite(sp?) and mine is apparently children's pj's and bedding. The last few days I have been shopping on Ebay getting the kids winter pj's taken care of once I did inventory of what will fit them this year. Then the other day I found the girls these great comforter sets at one of my favorite little discount stores. They came with the bedskirt, sham and comforter for only $19.99 each. They still had the original price tag of $ 139.99 EACH on them. Score!

I was going to save them for Christmas but then decided to give them the sets today since my mom, aunt and grandma came over to give all 3 of them their little birthday party and presents. Our schedule was all off this year so we ended up celebrating for all 3 of them today. It was SO much fun. The cake my mom made was beyond beautiful. Isn't it fun?

The girls LOVE their bedding and I can not get over how beautiful it is either. Definitely worth the $40 I spent. Here are the pics.


Dawn said...

I love the comforters and the cake!! Yum!!! And what a great deal!

Ariana said...

hee, I like how macie's under her bed :D

I love the bedding. $20!! score!

Antonia said...

The comforters are sooo pretty! You got a great deal!

The cake looks great :)

Macie under the bed is a sneaky way to get her in the picture! lol

Shawna said...

Oh those comforters are adorable! I can't believe you only paid $20 each for them!!

Mere said...

Cute Cake :) LOVE the comforters too!

Love ya, Mere

P.S. E-mail me please!!

Blog Stalker said...

Great Bargain. And they look great!

Lesley said...

Wow!! The cake is beautiful! Can you tell me how she did it?? My kids would love something like that!

WOOHOOOOOOOOOO that is an awesome bargain you got on the comforters! And they are so pretty!! Good job Mrs.Bargain Hunter! Don't worry, I'm a bargain hunter/shopper too!

Beka said...

Great job on everything, love the comforters.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow....great deals! I love it when that happens to me.