Saturday, August 09, 2008

The one time I didn't bring my camera

.....turned out to be the time I needed it the most. This morning I decided that it was time to return the library books that we had renewed about 3 times now. So the girls and I got ready and left. On the way there I explained to them that they needed to listen to me and be quiet and respectful when we were in the library. I almost brought my small camera but decided against it since I knew I would be juggling the girls and a ton of books.

From the moment we were on the sidewalk walking to the library door I knew I should have brought my camera. The girls were SO cute walking together side by side. When we got there they were FANTASTIC!! We picked out their books first and then they sat quietly on a big chair together reading to each other while I looked for my books. Then they asked if we could get something to eat so I treated them to McDonald's and playing in the playground area there. We had so much fun together.

While they were playing I sat with my back against the wall and my legs stretched over the bench just admiring them and thanking God that he blessed me with my beautiful girls and my baby boy. This afternoon was perfect. The girls were being so sweet to each other. It was wonderful. They now have a ton of new books to read and so do I. I can't wait to get started on them tonight.

And I think now I realize that I need to keep my small Kodak digi camera in my purse at all times.


*Southern Beall* said...

Oh, I love going to get new books! But right now I just dont have the time to read anymore. Maybe once school starts back I will.
Glad the girls were so good for you! =)

Antonia said...

It would be nice to get Alyssa to the library too..

I am so glad the girls were so good for you!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Don't ya just love days like that when they get along and life is great??!!