Thursday, September 04, 2008


Tonight the kids were fighting and whining non stop so I decided to keep them busy.We made chocolate chip cookies from this recipe. The kids loved helping and of course loved eating them even more. With Macie's allergy it is really hard to find premade chocolate chip cookies without nuts. This recipe called for nuts but I simply left them out. They were really good and made the biggest cookies I have ever seen.

The kids LOVE helping me in the kitchen. They think it is the greatest thing ever. So tonight when hubby gets home he has homemade chocolate chip cookies made by his 3 precious kiddos and his wonderfully loving wife.:) Is he lucky or what?

A little taste testing!


Dawn said...

Yum!! They look delicious AND stopped the fighting!

linda said...

Those look really really good.. It is a nice fall day here, so I think that I will have to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies today..

Maby said...

They look YUMMY

Shawna said...

Those look really yummy! Now I want to make cookies lol!!

Mere said...

Cute :)

Love ya! m

Antonia said...

The cookies look yum!!

I am sure the kids had fun helping you make them :)