Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane and our family additions

Here is our story. It is probably going to be long and all over the place. We got our electricity back but last night our air conditioning and lights in the kitchen and dining room short circuited and the apartment does not know how long it will take to get to us. So here it goes....

We decided to go to the in-laws for the hurricane. They have no trees over there and they live in a 2 story house so we would have options during a tornado,etc. So we packed up the kids and left. We still had a day or 2 before the storm so we got settled in pretty well. We took the kids to Target to get the boy a birthday cake and a few gifts from my in-laws. The cake was sooooo good. The boy was beyond thrilled with his gifts. Lots of Hot Wheels and a carrying case.

Then the storm came. If you have never been through a hurricane let me tell you it is very interesting. There is something terrifying and beautiful about seeing this coming towards you. So we hunkered down and prayed a LOT!

Thankfully we are all ok. There is some damage done to the in-laws but nothing too serious. They are still without power. We washed our clothes in my mother-in-laws huge tub and hung them on the swing and fence to dry.
Now to the really interesting part. My mother-in-law has a horse and she works on a ranch. There is a woman there who was living at the ranch and she had a lot of animals but couldn't find safety for all of them so my mother-in-law took them in for the storm. We fell in love with 2 Boston Terriers. They were SO good with the kids and my kids even loved them which is really something since my kids don't normally like dogs too much. To make a long story short the owner of the Ranch would not let them come back and so we asked the owner of the dogs if we could give them a home and she was so happy to know they would be safe with us. So we are now a family of 7 and could not be happier. They were not taken care of previously so we had to kill all of their fleas(before coming home with us of course) and get them new collars and leashes. They are so sweet. We named them Captain Jack ( Jack for short) and Davy Jones ( Davy for short). We love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so it was perfect for us and them.
I took a ton of pics when we walked them around my in-laws neighborhood but all of them gave away location info so I can't post them. I took a lot at Petsmart too but hardly any of them came out. The last one of Makayla is the best one.

We are hoping that Jack's hair grows back soon. He had so many fleas he had scratched until he lost his hair. The poor babies. They have had it hard but the cutest thing about them is that they have always stuck together. They are brothers from the same litter. I don't think we could have found 2 dogs that fit with our family better than they do. So out of a crisis came something really great.

I will try to post more soon but we are having some major issues with our apartment. They keep crossing wires so our stove turns on the kitchen lights,etc. I don't know what is going to happen. I'll try to keep everyone updated.


Shawna said...

So glad to hear you guys are okay after the storms! Hope the apt. people can get your problems fixed quickly too! And what sweet little doggies, I bet the kids love them!

linda said...

hope that the apartment will be fixed soon.. glad to hear that you all are okay and safe.. The dogs are so cute..

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Glad to hear you came through the storm ok.....can't wait to see pictures!

Sarah C. said...

Glad you all are safe & sound. Congrats on the new members! They are adorable. :) Hope everything at your apt is worked out soon!

Maria said...

oh my word! thankgoodness you're all okay!! such sweet puppies!! what a great addition to your beautiful family! can't wait to see more pictures of them :-)

Dawn said...

I'm glad everyone is safe! I LOVE Boston Terriers! I grew up with one and they are wonderful with kids. How sweet to give them a home!

Antonia said...

Only you would name those poor dogs those names! haha

I am so happy everybody is safe and sound! :)

I bet Mason LOVED that cake!