Thursday, October 16, 2008

The next chapter

I love that I have a school child now. I love that we are starting a whole new chapter in our lives. It does make me incredibly sad to know we will never have a baby in our home again but that is ok. This chapter in our lives is just as exciting.

I love it when Makayla brings home school work. This is the first thing I have gotten to put on the fridge from her classroom. It is amazing to me how much she is learning and maturing in just the few months she has been there.

Next year I will have 2 in school. Where did the time go? For the past 5 years we have had a baby in our home. Now all I see are kids. How did it all happen so fast?


Beka said...

That is so cute, I can't wait to have something to put on my fridge from school! Go Makayla!!

Antonia said...

I am happy you decided to keep Makayla in school!

I love getting Alyssa's school work too!

They grow up just too fast. :(

EatCrayons said...

How cute!
It definitely passes by all too quickly, just a bit too bittersweet.