Saturday, November 15, 2008

Small and cozy

I love living in a smaller home. I grew up in one and I have never gotten over the feeling a small home can give you. I love it here. I love that it is big enough for all of us but still has that cozy little feeling.

I love getting creative with trying to figure out storage solutions. I love it all. We are so happy in our 1,031 sq. ft. home. It just feels right to us. Tonight it is freezing outside. It is the coldest it has gotten so far this year and I am loving it. And most of all I am loving that tonight I can curl up with one of my 3 new throws from here and fall asleep in a home I absolutely adore. Maybe I will make a cup of hot chocolate before I fall asleep.


Antonia said...

A small apartment is easier to keep clean too.. well..not if you have kids, okay then nevermind!! lol

The throws look warm! It felt soo good last night!

Stacia Howard said...

HAHA at keeping a smaller apartment clean! Not going to happen for me!
And the throws do look so warm & cuddly!
Glad you have blogged again. I've been wondering about you.

Sarah C. said...

You have such a pretty home! :) Those throws look and sound great - it's gotten quite cold here all of a sudden. Brr!

Mere said...

Cute :) That blanket looks cozy! My blog has a challenge on it right now and it is 'due' tomorrow night....get to it!

Love, Mere

Ariana said...

oooh, I think your apartment is totally cute. I love how bright and clean is looks. I like the smile wall color with your colorful decorations.