Saturday, December 13, 2008

How it all started

When Makayla was 8 mos. old I went to a scrapbook store with my mom. She had been an avid scrapper for years and she wanted me to go shopping with her. I told her that I had no interest in starting to scrapbook but I wanted to spend the day with her so I went. Then I stepped into the store. From that moment on my life changed. My original plan was to only scrap Makayla's first year. After I finished my second layout I swore I would never stop. And I haven't.

I could never have imagined just how much this would change my life. There are no words. The other day I sat down and flipped through some of our albums.The memories came rushing back. Memories that I would have forgotten about if I had not scrapped them. I love that I am preserving them for my family. Our dreams and goals. Our trips and accomplishments. My children's milestones and our family's traditions. I love it!

I have been finally sitting down to scrap more. I am making it a priority since I have 100's of photos in my drawer and approx. 500 in my snapfish account waiting to be ordered. I need to make some progress. My mom and aunt have the girls for the night so I am cleaning like crazy today so that tonight I can sit down and let the creativity flow.

If you scrapbook how has it changed you? How has it changed your life?

ETA: The paper clips on some of the albums are color coordinated so I know who the album belongs to. Each of my kids has a color and then our on going family albums have a color too. Super cheap but effective way to tell them apart.


Antonia said...

The other way to tell them apart is to open them and look at the layouts! ROTFL!!!!

I love looking at your awesome layouts!

Stacia Howard said...

Just thinkin about you. Hope all is well. Im planning on going to see Twilight later on today if I can get a babysitter! I finished New Moon as well. =)