Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snug as a Bug

Last night and today have been the coldest days we have had this year. I mean freezing cold. The kids room tends to get very chilly at night because for some reason the vents just don't circulate in their room. Macie's bed is right by the window. I dressed them in warm pj's and then explained to them that they had to stay covered up really good or they would freeze. I made sure that each kid had their comforter plus 2 other thicker blankets plus there crocheted blankets that they always sleep with. So each one had 4 covers. I put their old carebear comforter in front of the window to stop a little bit of the chill. It worked pretty well.

Since my kids never stay under their covers at night I had to really sell sleeping under a lot of blankets to them. When I tucked them in all warm and cozy I told them "Now you are as snug as a bug in a rug." They cracked up. Apparently being snug as a bug is hilarious!! They looked so cute under all of their blankets.I checked on them several times and each one stayed under them all. I was super glad about that because it was COLD in their room.

Makayla had been crying right before the picture. Macie wouldn't share a toy she wanted. Tonight it is supposed to be even colder. I am thinking maybe 5 blankets each. None of them felt cool during the night to me but none of them were too hot either. I knew it would come in handy to have 52 extra blankets. Ok...maybe not 52 but you get the idea. I have a LOT.

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Antonia said...

Goodness! LOL.. but yes, it was good that you were prepared!