Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night I snuggled into bed with a nice cup of coffee and Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy that hubby surprised me with yesterday.( Oh how I love him.) I had a headache all day yesterday and was hoping the caffeine would kill it. It did and so I started to crochet a second granny square. I kept messing up so I called my mom to help me. She walked me through it step by step and then finally gave in and said " Just come over." So I did. I left at 9:12 p.m. and got to her house 25 minutes later. It was a long night.

Once I was there we got to work and I created a great granny square with our revised pattern. So now I feel fantastic because I get it! I can do it on my own now I think and I am so excited. I am estimating that I will need 100 squares to get my throw the size I want it. If I complete one square a night it will take me over 3 months just to get the squares done. Then I have to piece them all together and do a border. So this is going to be an ongoing project for a very long time.

I have also decided that I am tired of living in boxes. I have to step over everything and it is getting on my nerves. So no more procrastinating. I want to get to a place where we enjoy our days together and don't feel overwhelmed by the house. I am exhausted but I am going to ignore it today and keep plowing through.

Then tonight I will once again snuggle into my nice warm bed, put on Disc 2 of Grey's Anatomy season 2 and start my third granny square.


Antonia said...

I'm sure as soon as you get the throw finished,it will be great!

(Just like the blanket you are supposed have made for Alyssa! LOL)

I hated having boxes everywhere too, good luck on getting all that done today.

That was so nice of Chey to surprise you! :)

Mere said...

Yay! That's cool you're learning this! Caffeine is my lifesaver!

Love, Mere

Sarah C. said...

How sweet of your DH to surprise you like that! :) All of the boxes are the worst part about moving. If only everything would magically just pop into place. As tiring as it is, keep at it - you'll feel so much more relaxed when it's done.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I can't wait to see your finished project...even if it will be months from now!