Friday, February 27, 2009

My kids break beds

When Makayla was 3 years old she snapped her metal toddler bed in half. Literally in half. One rod became 2 in a split second. When Macie was 2 she broke her wooden toddler bed. The support slats broke and cracked in several places.

We moved on to a metal day bed courtesy of my dad and stepmom. We all loved it but even that began to get wobbly. Before we moved to our last apartment I began my hunt for the perfect set of twin beds. I lucked out and found a bunk bed set at Wal-mart for $200. It could be converted to 2 twin beds and so that is how we set them up. They were great for a few months. Then they started to get a little wobbly but we simply tightened up the nails and when we moved this time they came with us. Not too long ago I set them up and was very pleased with how they came together this time.

Now fast forward to last night. It went something like this.....

Macie: "SISTER!!! You broke my bed!!!"

Makayla: " I'm sorry sister!"

Macie: "MOMMY!! DADDY!! My sister broke my bed!"

So of course we go in to investigate. And yes it was broken. But not just a few snaps here and there. The ENTIRE wooden side beam broke in half horizontally! A thick wooden beam connected to the entire bed. Wood splinters were everywhere. So you children break beds. I can't blame them completely though. I should have known that beds from Wal-Mart for under $200 would not last long. After all...that store is the land of crap. Lesson learned.

I have now turned the remaining bed into a trundle. I simply slid Makayla's mattress(We forced her to give her bed to Macie since she was the one that broke her sisters) under the remaining bed and then we will pull it out at night. It actually looks just like a real trundle bed.

Now I just have to save up and make a visit to Ikea. Let's hope that I can find something there that will last longer than a year.


Beka said...

So where are the camera batteries so we can see the converted trundle bed??? Huh huh huh? I'm sorry you are having such bad luck with beds, that really sucks :(

Antonia said...

Well, not a day goes by without drama in that house huh? lol

Hope you find a good sturdy bed this time..

Anonymous said...
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