Thursday, February 05, 2009


Last night after the kids were in bed I decided to make some time for myself. I curled up under a comfy blanket on the couch and grabbed my crochet basket. There I sat for several hours crocheting my heart out. It felt good. Oh so good to just relax and do something I wanted to do.

I cranked out four granny squares. Then I crawled into bed with relief from my rib pain thanks to my mother-in-law and her generous donation of pain pills.

This morning I woke up happy and refreshed and my rib is feeling a little better. I have to catch up on laundry today. I have at least 10 loads that need to be done. It would have been a LOT less but the clothes that had been packed away in boxes until a few days ago didn't smell too good when they left the box so it added approx. 6 more loads to my to-do list.

After my head hit the pillow last night I realized that it really isn't that hard to make time for the things that I want to do. I just have to keep up with house stuff during the day. Then at night I don't feel guilty and I am free to relax. As soon as my rib is better I am hitting the gym again. I love the small changes we are making in our lives.

Tonight I plan on crocheting again. I let a week go by where I didn't pick up my crochet needle and that whole time my mom was making granny squares like no tomorrow. She decided to make a blanket with me to show me how to piece them together,etc. She is WAY ahead of me right now. I think I am about 20 squares behind. Each square takes approx. 30 minutes so I have some catching up to do.

What do you do at night to relax? What do you like to do in your spare time?


Antonia said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

Will you be able to be at my bridal shower Sunday?

Pretend you are a granny and make all the squares, so you can be done! LOL

I watch tv! I have 3 books to read, I really need to start reading those!!

Get 100% better really soon!

Beka said...

I'm glad you are feeling a little better too! I'm so proud of you for making those squares. I love to relax, I just don't get to as much. I'm with you, I need to keep the house cleaned during the day and I won't feel guilty doing my thing at night. I read to relax, or scrapbook. Lately Scrapbooking has been a wonderful outlet for me!!

Sarah C. said...

You're on a roll with those granny squares! Glad you are feeling better. I try to squeeze in a little scrapping time or do a couple sudoku puzzles at night to relax. At least, while I still have some free time. ;)

Maria said...

glad you're feeling a little better! the granny squares look great - I really want to learn to knit/crochet one day!! good for you for taking some time for yourself to just relax with a cozy blanket and your crochet basket :-)