Monday, April 13, 2009

The boy and McDonald's

I have some really cute pics to share but absolutely NO time today. So I am going to post a picture from yesterday and talk about the cutest part of the day.

This picture is of the boy and McDonald's. What's that? You don't see a happy meal in this photo? Well that is because there isn't one. McDonalds is the bunny.

Yesterday morning after the kids had opened their Easter baskets they started naming their little stuff animals that the Easter bunny gave them in their baskets. When I asked the boy what he was going to name him he proudly exclaimed " McDonalds". So all day long he played with McDonalds.

When he went to sleep he asked for McDonalds. This morning when he woke up he asked for McDonalds. He really loves his new little baby. The way he says his name just makes my heart melt it is so cute.

Oh and yes that is a halloween shirt my son is wearing on Easter morning. He slept in it. Macie had on a Christmas nightgown too. I am REALLY behind on my laundry.


EatCrayons said...

That is really so cute! McDonalds sounds like a great bunny name to me. I totally wouldn't have noticed it was a Halloween shirt, it just looked cool to me. :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a sweet story!

Antonia said...

The whole family has issues! :) Mason is soo darn cute! :)