Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ramblings of a sick woman

This cup of coffee is the highlight of my day. It all started this morning when I woke up and my throat was on fire. Then came the fever/chills and the aches and pains. When the kids got up they were miserable and coughing and complaining of sore throats so I let the girls stay home to get better. An hour later they were miraculously healed and I was left chasing after all 3 for the remainder of the day. I was not miraculously healed after an hour.

All day long all 3 of them did nothing but fight and yell at each other. It has not been a good day. I am feeling completely guilty about the amount of $ I have spent in the last 3 days. It is a sickening amount that I am not going to admit so I can continue to be in denial. In my defense it was stuff we needed( girls mattresses were worn completely thin so I had to get their new ones out of layaway at Mattress Firm) and also stuff I had been yearning for for a long time.

None of the money spent was our regular income so I know I shouldn't feel too guilty but I do. I am a thrifty shopper. I can make almost anything happen within a budget and I let myself forget about that this week. Hopefully the remorse will pass. I did get some really great things I will share soon.

I have also been feeling very weighed down lately. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our tiny little house. Hubby does too which is saying a lot because he usually doesn't like anywhere we live. We are insanely happy here. I love how I have it decorated but I still feel like it isn't quite there yet. I hate that feeling and know that fixing a few small details will cost more $. I think I am going to challenge myself though and try to make it happen very frugally.

I want it to be super cosy for fall and winter so hopefully I can come up with little changes that have a big impact. My coffee is getting cold now which is a bummer because the scorching hot liquid was really helping my throat. I am beyond miserable and should probably be lying down instead of blogging and browsing Flickr. Night all. Hope you have a wonderfully cozy fall evening.


Antonia said...

What do you mean fall? It is not fall until it gets cooler outside.

Mrs. Sick woman needs to learn to comment on her friend's blogs, since somebody did take the time to comment on all her blogs! :)

I spent $100 on food today at Kroger's. I hate myself for it, but hey, we needed food. WE all get over our insane amount of spending sooner or later.

I feel bad that you had 3 kids at home all day, while you were sick. That sucks. Like I said before, I hope you get better soon!

linda said...

I am so glad that you are blogging again. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

Sarah C. said...

Sending some get well vibes and big ((HUGS)) your way! Don't beat yourself up over the money spent - especially those mattresses as they were well needed. Hope you are able to get some rest today and are feeling better!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

It was a cool...rainy evening here!

I hope the coffee, cold or hot, relieves your sore throat and that you are back to "normal" soon!