Monday, September 28, 2009

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Our tomatoes were a success this year. We ended up with 28 just off of one plant. Well two plants but one only produced two tomatoes. We would have had more but we lost a bunch to some aphids. Even the boy ended up loving them so now I have two tomato kids. Macie was so proud of them. She learned how to tell when they were coming in and how to tell when they were ready. Every day she would go out and check them. She kept up with them the entire summer. I can't wait to do a bunch more next year. Here are some pics of my little tomato girl.


Antonia said...

We know she is getting her veggies!

Sarah C. said...

What cute pics! Yay for Macie on keeping up with those tomatoes. You all had a great season. We weren't so fortunate with ours, but they did get a bit neglected when little Dylan arrived. Funny how that happens. ;)