Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Can't get enough

When I was little I LOVED reading. My mom and I would read book after book. I just couldn't get enough. As I got older I fell out of love with reading. I'm not sure why but by the time I was a teenager the thought of reading a book had me wanting to run away screaming.

Then I heard about Twilight. I was mildly interested because I have always enjoyed books like that but I am sure I wouldn't have actually bought it myself. But then my sweet friend surprised me by buying and mailing me a copy.

I couldn't just shove it to the side. So I picked it up and once I was done with the first 2 pages I was hooked. I LOVED them. After I had read (and purchased) the rest of the series I noticed I was starting to enjoy reading. More books started catching my attention. Now I am hooked on reading. I can't seem to get enough.

This week I had a package from Amazon come with two new books. Then last night at Target I bought two more. One of them is a cheap romance novel.(Don't judge me.LOL. I enjoy a good romance). I had pulled my new covers over the bed last night and threw my books down waiting to be pillaged when I realized that it would be a fairly cozy looking photo so I ran to get my camera.

I can't wait till it gets cold outside. Cold weather, cozy covers and new books= the perfect night!!


Beka said...

Reading is the best thing ever lol! Let me know how you like the books, I might have to order me a copy to read! Enjoy!

Antonia said...

Enjoy your books! I have like 3 books myself that I need to read! haha

I have to start scrapping, but I have no idea where to start!!