Friday, October 23, 2009

Family night out

My hubby's shop does a ton of work for our local police department. Hubby has even popped locks for them during the middle of a drug bust. So he is on pretty good terms with all the local law enforcement around here. The other day he called me and said that one of the constables came in selling tickets to the annual family dinner that the constable holds every year. So his boss bought us two tickets and hubby bought the other three. Last night we piled up the kids( one still sick and having to go to the doctor later today) and headed out. It was a spaghetti dinner and it was pretty decent. I could have made the same thing in my house for oh about $40 cheaper than what we paid but it was about family time I keep telling myself.

Macie and Makayla loved the dinner and the desert was really good. They had a moon bounce and face painting,etc. for all the kids. All three of them actually sat and let the face painter put something on their hands. The girls choose rainbows and the boy choose a bat for batman.

All in all it was a fun little evening. We stayed about an hour and a half and the kids got pretty upset when we told them to crawl out of the moon bounce so we could go home. Even the boy got in on the moon bounce action and he is usually very shy about stuff like that. He LOVED it.

The pictures are not good because the lighting in the pavilion was absolutely horrible. I did the best I could. The last pic I am posting is very blurry and there is a weird shine on the back of hubby's shirt but it is my favorite one from the night. Those four melt my entire heart.


Antonia said...

I love the first pic of all the kids. Esp. Makayla, it is a beautiful pic of her!

Great to hear ya had a family night, which I know is very rare. :)

Candy Hart said...

You have the cutest family!! But why didn't the kids get their FACES painted? Raashida loves that!!