Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mini Update

I am still here. The last few days have been crazy busy leaving me longing throughout the day for nighttime and my pain meds. Things are progressing nicely with the claims adjuster and we already have a rental SUV. I have so much I want to post about but right now I am desperately trying to catch up on life and the house.

I wanted to share a sweet picture I took the other night. After the kids had finally fallen asleep I went in to check on them and found the boy sleeping on Makayla's bed. They looked so content and cozy I just had to grab a pic. When I went back in to check on them again a couple of hours later he had moved back to his bed. He is playing musical beds again. Sometimes I find him asleep on the floor behind their door.:)

I also just got done with the living room so I will post pics very soon I promise. :)


Antonia said...

I'm glad ya have a car to drive when you aren't high on your pills. lol

Mason is trying to find the most comfortable spot in the house, huh? haha

Candy Hart said...

I am so happy that things are going great - sometimes accidents can just drag on forever!! Its nice you got a car so soon to!

And don't worry about your son - its just typical boy stuff!!