Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bittersweet evening

The kids have been very excited about putting up our tree tonight. Then today we found out that Macie's little friend passed away this morning. When I picked them up from school they were upset and told me that the assistant principal had told them all. So then we had to talk about it more at home.

Macie was very concerned that she would forget about her friend so I asked her if she wanted to go to the store tonight and pick out an ornament for our tree so she could always remember her. She loved the idea and we will be going tonight.

Thankfully they handled it a lot better than I thought. By the time the tree was going they were happy and excited again. I know it will come and go in waves. I got a few pics of them decorating. Macie is absolutely incapable of giving me a regular smile. The kid is CONSTANTLY goofy and can't pose normally no matter how many times you beg. But I love to see them happy and goofy. It makes me realize how truly blessed I am.

So the tree is almost done. I need some ornament hooks to hang the remaining ones and then we are good to go. My heart is breaking for the family that lost their precious little girl today. I am continuing to pray for peace for everyone in the situation. She was such a sweet child and I know that she is healed and happy in Heaven this very moment.


Antonia said...

I had a feeling when I read the blog title, what had happened. I pray the family and Macie will find comfort doing this really hard time.

Macie and Alyssa are so much alike..we both have to beg for a decent picture nowadays.. very sad! lol

Maria said...

Oh wow, that's so sad. What a hard thing for a kid to understand - love your idea about picking out an ornament to remember Macie's friend by! I think that's such a great idea.

Candy Hart said...

That is a terrible thing for a baby to face - especially during this time of year. that was a totally awesome idea about getting the ornament! Now every year she can remember her friend.