Saturday, December 19, 2009

The day in which I start to PANIC!

Crocheted doll blankets not done.

House a mess.

Santa gifts still not wrapped.

A few other gifts still not wrapped.

Christmas cards not ordered. ( So not going to end up happening this year.)

Did I mention the house being a mess?

I think I will go outside and scream now.

How is everyone else doing right now?


linda said...

I am stressing due to the fact that Tobi has received 2 Star Wars Millinuem Falcon sets, so I went to exchange one today and they are sold out of every lego Star Wars set that is in the budget. I also still need to make more fudge, cranberry white chocolate bark, and pumpkin bread for the respite care staff.

Moderate Means said...

I'm doing about the same as you! Still working on presents (and haven't even started my photo blocks yet!) and barely finished the gift bags. Luckily, Santa doesn't wrap gifts at our house so I don't have to add that to my list ;)

Hope you find the extra time and even end up with some time to enjoy the holidays stress-free :)


Antonia said...

Well, hopefully by this time, everything is done.

I hope you enjoyed your scream. lol