Friday, December 04, 2009

Our snowy day!!! ( I can't believe I can say that!!!)

We woke up super excited about the possible snow this morning. When hubby left for work he shut the door and immediately came right back in telling me that we were missing it. It was snowing! I ran to get the kids ready but by the time we got out there most of it had stopped. So we came back inside and baked cookies. Then we all piled up in our room and watched the first movie I had rented which was Santa Buddies.

Throughout the day the snow came and went. We went out several times and then FINALLY it started to stick when the boy was taking a nap. So the girls and I went out for a little while and nearly froze to death. It was just so beautiful. My mom lives 25 minutes away and they got SO MUCH more than us. It looked like a blizzard at her house. But we all enjoyed it so much. I LOVE the pics I got. My kids were obsessed with eating the snowflakes. Tonight it is supposed to get into the 20's! I have footed fleece pj's ready to go for all 3 of them. Macie is already in hers. LOVE this time of year.


Maria said...

I just love your pictures - looks like you guys all had so much fun! I really love the pics. of all the kids snuggled up in bed watching movies - we do that sometimes too and it's always special :-)

Antonia said...

I love the pictures of Macie with her tongue out.. those are soo freakin funny!

I loved the snow sooo hard today! lol.. yes "I said hard.. lmao

Candy Hart said...

It was awesome wasnt it?! Looks like your kids had a lot of fun playing in it!! What is it with kids eating snowflakes? I wish they would be that excited to each there veggies!!!