Friday, January 08, 2010

Are you kidding me????

I have had a rough few days. Yesterday Limo was missing for almost 4 hours. By the grace of the Lord we found him after my mom and aunt came over to form a search party. He is home safe thankfully. But emotions were running high yesterday when all 5 of us were crying because we thought he was really gone. But thankfully it is ok now and he is home safe.

Then today I was waiting to make a right turn and then BAM!!! I'm hit. AGAIN!! Thankfully the woman was really nice and I have already filed a claim and the damage is very minimal but my neck hurts. Bad. Tomorrow I am really gonna be sore. Thankfully the boy seems fine but I have a doc appt. for him on Monday to be sure.

It is cold. I mean really really cold. Yesterday we were against the clock to find Limo because it got down to 22 degrees. He would have frozen to death. Now I do love cold weather but this is MISERABLE cold. Right now it is 28 outside. I am frozen solid even inside with the heater on.

So I am not in a great mood right now. My neck and head hurts. My hands are completely frozen and on top of that I have to deal with yet another insurance company even though it is a very simple and small claim. I may not be blogging for a few days since right now things are pretty glass half empty. Sigh.


Antonia said...

Wow.. I could write a book about you and your life..haha.

I do hope you are feeling better.

I would cry over a $300 dog too! haha. Glad he came home alive. :)

Candy Hart said...

Dang girl - you have had a rough couple of days!!! I hope the rest of the new year gets a lot better for you!!

Get well soon!

Maria said...

Wow, what a rough couple of days!! So glad you found your dog and that he's okay - how scary!!