Monday, January 04, 2010

Dream Vs. Reality

The Dream:

For a few years now I have been dreaming of owning a farm. Of having a cute little house in the country and a huge garden. I imagine my children running around the clothesline and not coming inside until it is dinner time.

The Reality:

I told my hubby my dream last year. After that I never brought it up again because he is dead set on never living in the country. EVER. So for a while I was pretty down about it all. But then I realized something. We do live in the city but it is a pretty quiet neighborhood. We have a yard that is private due to a rather high wooden fence in the back. I may not get my 100 acres but there is still a LOT I can do with a small yard. I can garden and hang a clothesline. I can learn to can. The possibilities are endless. So the plan is to fake myself out. I can still do a lot of what I have been dreaming about instead of being sad that I will never have a farm.

We won't have chickens or livestock but I can live with that. The neighbors down the street have chickens that run around in the ditch and by the road. Seeing them is good enough.

This year I am challenging myself. Some of the things I plan to do are:

Grow a bigger garden this year. Last year we did a test run of two tomato plants. This year I am hoping for at least 8. I also want to plant peppers and some other stuff but I am still deciding.

Learn to can. I plan on canning blueberries this year after we visit the blueberry farm and I would also like to make salsa.

Hang a clothesline in the backyard. Our backyard is completely private so it will not be an issue to hang it back there.

I am going to start making soap. Macie has SEVERE Eczema and even the "hypoallergenic" soaps are causing her pain. So I am going to start making them for her comfort.

I also want to do a big indoor garden. I have a 60 inch window in the kitchen and a 36 inch window in the kitchen/dining area that I can use to grow herbs and such. I have already started green onions.

These are just a few things to make me feel less like a city girl and more like the country girl I long to become. And like I said...those chickens down the road sure do help.


Antonia said...

Well, good luck with everything!

Good luck with the clothes and the sheets staying on the clothesline. I will wait for the day when you call me and tell me you had to chase after your clothes. Lmao

Candy Hart said...

A farm? I'm a city girl myself but I guess I could see the appeal of it for the kids but I don't think I would be able to handle it for long!!!

but its a good dream - something to work towards.

linda said...

Sounds like a great plan. Keep us posted, I am hoping to also plan a bigger container garden this summer and also want to plant more herbs this summer.