Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kids Organization

Sunday was spent purging and organizing the kids room/closet. I started off grabbing containers so that I could make piles. I did a container for the boys tools, dinosaurs, hot wheels, bigger cars, mega blocks ( which all 3 of my kids still LOVE), Barbies, Snap on dolls, etc. Anything that was broken, missing pieces or for babies went. I tackled the closet, their armoire and every space in their room. I LOVE the end results.

Now when you first look at the closet pics you might think it is insane in there. But if you look closely everything IS organized. They have a LOT of toys. I don't like toys to be at their reach because during bedtime they will pull them all out so everything goes in their closet(locked) or in their armoire (also locked). Our closets are huge so it works pretty well for us.

I feel so much better now whenever they ask to play with something. I don't have to trip over all of their stuff to pull anything out. And here is the best thing about it.....MY KIDS ARE PLAYING CALMLY AND NICELY TOGETHER. The last few days they have agreed on what to pull out each time and then they sit and play together. They are feeling the calmness too. I love it. A little organizing really does go a long way. Before they were overwhelmed with their toys because they were all clumped together with NO organization what so ever. That isn't the case anymore. Every space in the house is getting a makeover. This is the best feeling!

Have you guys been doing any purging/ organizing lately?


Maby said...

Love the pictures! And you are not kidding when you say they have a lot of toys!! I've been doing lots of organizing... so much that I started a little Organize 2010 thread on 2peas.. we're on Week 4! Join us!

linda said...

I have also been organizing like crazy.

Candy Hart said...

Wow thats a bunch of toys!!! I can never let Raashida see that, she'd go crazy!!!

I have ben trying to organize but it just seems time slips by!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I need to do some organizing but have not, maybe I should have you come do it, looks like you did a great job!

Maria said...

holy smokes, you have HUGE closets!! I would kill for big closets! LOVE how you organized!!! I really need to go through the girls room again and do that too - thanks for the inspiration!

Antonia said...

Alyssa has more toys then we know what to do with. I always try to go through them every 3 months or so, but it seems to never work. lol

Great job on the closet!