Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Batman and the Bad Guys

One thing I never get tired of is hearing ( and seeing) the boy play with his toys. Right now he is very much into Batman and other super heroes. He carries them everywhere we go.

It is hilarious to hear him play. He makes the cutest bad guy voices and sounds when they are fighting. I also must brag that he plays extremely well by himself. Today he was at the kitchen table for almost an hour playing with Batman and the "bad guys" as he calls them.

I LOVE having a boy!!


linda said...

I have 2 little boys and they are the best. They love to get dirty, go camping, love superhero's and starwars, legos and sports.

Antonia said...

See and you were singing a much different song when you knew you were having that cute little boy! :)

Candy Hart said...

Awww how sweet - he's a little cutie pie isnt he? i cant wait until baby Jesus gets that age!