Monday, March 22, 2010

Not a single photo but a really great time

Yesterday my hubby didn't have to work so we decided to do something together. After going through hell and back to find a sitter my best friend came directly after she got off work and babysat for us. THANK YOU TONI!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!

So where did we go? A fancy restaurant? A movie? Nope none of those. We went to the country to shoot our handguns. Three hours and over 500 rounds between the two of us and we packed up and went to dinner. Hubby insisted we stop and try a sushi place and I was completely grossed out. But we ate there anyway and let me tell you it was fantastic. We ordered California rolls with crab and shrimp. SO good. There are 12 of them in our fridge right now waiting to be eaten. It was a fantastic day. Just me and hubs out in the woods. Very relaxing and a perfect stress reliever.

And I must say that my aim was pretty darn good. I even hit a glass bottle dead on towards the end. Yea me! It was the most fun we have had together in a long time. :):)


Antonia said...

You are very welcome. Every couple deserves a day alone some time or another!

So happy you had a lot of fun!

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