Friday, April 21, 2006

BIG thanks!!!

First off...A BIG thanks goes out to Shawna and Sheri for making me some awesome blog banners. Shawna: I went to save yours so I could alternate between the 2 of them and I can't seem to pull up the link again. If you see this post can you link it again for me. I loved them both you guys. THANK YOU!!!

Today is already a crappy day. I don't feel like dealing with the house, kids,etc. It's just a bad day already at 9:17 a.m. I can just imagine how well the remainder of the day will go. I have so much to do and everytime I attempt to get anything done the kids mess it up before I can even turn around. I just want to go outside and scream so loud that I make all my neighbors come out of their apartments to see what is going on. I need a vacation. My oldest dd has decided to wine about EVERYTHING. If she lays down and can't get comfortable she screams bloody murder. If she doesn't get her way she scream bloody murder. Right now...can you guess what she is doing? Yep, you're right. She is screaming her head off because she couldn't get her sandal on. I just want to go back to bed and not deal with it today.


Tina said...

I hope things have gotten better! I swear my kids are always off the hook on Fridays.

Sheri said...

i remember those days well.
so happy they're 11,13,15,16.
did i just say that? i'm HAPPY with 3 teenagers. impossible.

anyways- you're welcome. but shawna's is still way bettr than mine!

HUGS... and have you ever tried the SHE system for the house?

Shawna Taylor said...

Glad you liked it! Here's the link again, if it doesn't work email me @ & I will send it that way.

And I can totally relate to not being able to get anything done around the house with kids underfoot! My girls are 4 & 2 and they make messes as quickly as I can clean them up! Argh, it can be so frustrating! I'm sure being pregnant & having all those extra hormones doesn't help either! Hope it gets better for ya!