Friday, April 21, 2006

"But it was calling my name honey"

We were out of milk today so I told my hubby I was running to the store to get some. We have this little store pretty close that we can do quick runs for milk and simple things. I informed him I would be going there to get milk. Now it has been a very trying day and so I couldn't help myself when I drove right past it straight into McDonalds parking lot. I got a hot fudge sundae and enjoyed it while sitting in my car with no kids, no hubby, no distractions. It was wonderful. I just forgot that DH had a ton of things he needed to do when I got back. I already had my story figured out when he asked what took me so long. I was simply going to reply:

"But it was calling my name honey."

Luckily for me he didn't even notice the extra 15 minutes it took me to get back. I got the milk and came home. But hey..I deserve it right. I am beyond frazzled. I feel like everyday that goes by when I should be making progress with cleaning and so much more that I am actually being set BACK. It is a truly sinking feeling. Of course it could also be hormones right?

Speaking of all things wonderful that come with pregnancy....What is up with me being so freaking thirsty all the time? I swear I could drink 18 bottles of water and still feel like I hadn't had a drink all day. It is really getting annoying.

My goal tonight is to finish cleaning our bedroom. Laundry and all. I have this great new furniture from IKEA for my scrap space that has been sitting in boxes in my living room since February. I need my new furniture. I am done playing around. It is truly crunch time for me. I just need the motivation. I think the thought of actually scrapping again is motivation enough for me. I NEED my scrapping time back. I must have it.

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