Saturday, April 22, 2006

Surprise for me!! I don't have a cropping program on my comp. and you can see my thumb and the wall in the pic but I still had to share. My hubby went out with his bro last night for some guy bonding time. He came home and told me he brought me a surprise. My favorite artisit is Amy Brown. I LOVE her work. Well he found a shop yesterday that carried a bunch of her stuff along with other fairy prints, etc.

He was going to buy me an Amy Brown print but then he saw this one done by another artist. He thought I would love that she is a pregnant fairy and so he got me this one instead. I LOVE it:) The best part about it is that it is going to match all my new scrapping storage boxes and tins perfectly when I get my space redone. I was so happy last night. It was just what I needed after a long day. I still can't believe that he picked that one. He said he left the store and said he would be back but when he got back they were closing early but he convinced the sales woman to let him come back in and buy it:) Now I have something really special to remember my last pregnancy. I can't wait to frame it.

I am declaring today cleaning day. I know..I say it all the time but today I REALLY mean it. The sooner I get the house in order the sooner I can enjoy life. I did get a lot done yesterday but I still have a ton of stuff that needs to be worked on. Wish me luck!!

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Maby said...

today is cleaning day for me too!!! I got a little sidetracked and hadnt actually had breakfast yet.. .but now I did... so I'm back to my list! and 2peas!